Monday, September 29, 2008

Long Run # 1

I guess if it's possible for a 7-week 100-miler training plan to have a base building phase this past weekend was the first of two in this phase. Next weekend will be the last and I'll be in the real meat of the training plan.

This sounds so silly to me it's not funny. I know I can finish the MR100, but trying to figure out what to include in a seven week training plan is impossible. I guess the really important factor is getting the long stuff in. I could do speed work etc (and I probably will), but really I have to be ready for time on my feet.

So what is there to think about other than really running long? Not much.

Sunday afternoon I had time to think about exactly that, not much, and how exactly I thought I could do this. I took to the trails at Rocky Narrows and ran about 8 miles. It took me 72 minutes to compete the run, so right on 9 minute miles? That's not too bad considering.

What was really cool was the fact that I could actually run for that long! I wasn't fast, and my Achilles did complain a bit, but I ran the distance and have no after effects worth mentioning.

The run started out with light rain which turned to drizzle and finally stopped all together half way through the run. The trees and trail were wet so I was soaked pretty quickly. It was a warm day though (70F) so the dampness was fine. I spent the second half of the run stomping in all the puddles I could find which was fun.

Anyway, progress in the right direction. Today (Monday) I will take the day off. I iced the Achilles after yesterday's run, and it is throbbing a little bit today. Not bad, but best to let it rest.

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