Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Westborough - Wachusset Ride

Today was a perfect day. Mid-sixties and clear sunny skies, great weather for a 60+ mile bike ride to cap off the riding season.

I have been doing a little cycle commuting since Carter went back to school so when a friend at work asked if I'd be interested in joining him and others on their end-of-season ride to Mt. Wachusset and back I said sure, that's a great idea.

Ha! It turned out to be just Dave and I as everyone else had to skip the ride this year. Thankfully Dave went easy on me and was kind enough to wait for me at the top of each long climb. He's a very strong rider and while I could keep up with him on flat ground and downhills his full season of cycling had him very well prepared for the climbing we did.

We developed a pattern: he would ride effortlessly away from me on each climb and I'd then catch him on the downhill. My extra weight was both an asset and hindrance during the ride.

We did make it, though I rode perhaps 3 miles less than Dave since I bailed on the final climb up the access road to the top of the mountain. I didn't think I'd be able to get home if I tried that. Dave made it up just fine though.

So no running today, no time. Thursday will be a day off then Friday I'll hit the roads again.

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