Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cycle Commuting

I rode to work today since Lisa needed the car. It was chilly at the start (40 degrees) so I wore more than I normally would but still stuck with shorts. A long sleeve base layer, underwear, skull cap and full fingered cotton gloves did the trick.

The ride was enjoyable with the crisp morning air and my legs seemed to hold up ok, though they are tired.

The down side was all the angry motorists this morning. Either the usual winter road rage is starting to set in (I was squeezed by two cars, almost flattened by a UPS truck, and honked at twice by the same driver!) or everyone is just a little hung over and tired after the Red Sox win last night. Hopefully they will be a little calmer for the ride home.

Oh, the ride distance: 12.4 miles each way.

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