Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday Run, Weekly Mileage

Today's run was in 56 degree weather with a 10mph wind -- much like what I can expect in a week. I wore capri tights and they were a disaster. Too warm and way too uncomfortable. I'll be going with shorts I think.

The run: 6.25 miles around the water treatment plant again. I ran a measured mile in 8:25 pace in the middle of this. It felt awful since I thought I was runnning 9+ pace. What a relief to find out it was somewhat faster!

Weekly total: somewhere around 22 miles I think. Not including the walk on Thursday. I may run a short 5.6 mile trail "race" (I won't be racing it, but others will!) on Sunday to wrap up the week.

Likely no running at all next week.

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