Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hill Workout

Today you can really feel winter coming with 39 degrees coupled with a bright blue sky. Once again I didn't have the right clothes for a run outside so made the best of it inside.

Today's workout consisted of 4 x 90 second hills at 10:00 pace with 2 to 2:30 rest intervals at 9 minute pace. Oh, this was on the treadmill obviously and I had it set for 15% incline during each hill.

These are really tough, especially with my current conditioning. Got a bit greedy and on the second hill pushed it to 1:40 only to suffer on the third hill and manage only 1:10. The final hill was a solid 1:30 again, though I did have to drop the pace to 10:10 to complete it.

To finish up I threw in another 7:00 minute mile followed by a two minute cool down at 9:00 minute pace again.

Total workout: 38 minutes, 650 calories.

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