Sunday, October 5, 2008

Long Run #2

Everyone says you should not increase your mileage too quickly. I've heard increases of 5% to 10% are about right and shouldn't be exceeded, and normally I'd stick with that.

It's best to leave something on the table for next week's jump in mileage is another way to look at it.

Unfortunately this time around I don't feel like I have that luxury so with 5 weeks left I increased my long run time by 42 minutes, or 58%, for a total run of 1:54.

Surprisingly the mix of trails and road felt very good. My Achilles is of course sore and I've got a bag of frozen potatoes on it right now to ice it, but over all I don't think I killed myself to run that far today.

Did I leave much on the table? Probably not. I was quite tired nearing the end, but if nothing else I've gotten some good mental training in.

Distance estimate: 12 - 13 miles.

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