Saturday, October 11, 2008

Long Run #3

Wow, what a day! The forecast was for mid-sixties and sunny but we got something closer to low 70's here in Eastern Mass.

After Carter's soccer game finished I left him and Lisa and made a beeline for the Holliston Town Forest and Vietnam (a tract of untouched land riddled with trails and not really owned by anyone as far as I can tell) on its border.

I ran an hour at Vietnam on a variety of single track, roots, rocks, double-wide trail and even jeep trails. It's always fun out there as it is desolate (only saw two sets of people today, two riders, and a group of jeeps out off-roading) and maze like. You can spend hours there and not find every trail. I've been trying to but have not seen much of it, nor can I find my way around effectively.

Anyway, after that hour I left the trails and jumped on the old railroad bed for the 6 mile run home. This is an enjoyable run even though the loose rocks can sometimes be difficult.

Total running time was down a bit from last week at 1:52 but I feel great. Next week will be three hours with some luck.

Tomorrow is the Wayland XC Challenge which I may do as an excuse for some easy miles. I certainly won't be racing it!

(PS: Carter scored a goal! :-)

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