Monday, October 6, 2008

Mental Prep

Since I work for inov-8 doing what ever needs to be done on the IT side along with working events and what not I follow their team fairly closely.

Back in August the team manager Mark Lundblad posted a piece on the team blog that contained an article by his wife and very accomplished ultra runner Anne Lundblad about Mental Toughness.

It struck me as really useful advice and I have been thinking about it and developing my own plans and affirmations to help me through this ridiculous training plan and the race itself.

I've tried hard to focus on the "just keep moving" and "I can run 9 minute miles" mantras along with visualizing the road what it will feel like. During my long run yesterday I focused on the white line on the road edge and tried to find calm in it.

It is surprisingly effective and I will be continuing with it. My mind may not be able to run the miles itself, but preparing seems to be giving me another tool in my "keep going" toolbox.

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