Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Monday Run, Tuesday Weigh In

Carter had his first swim team practice yesterday. It's an hour long and since the coaches are supervising the kids I was able to slip away and get a treadmill run in.

I ran 50 minutes mostly at 8:57 pace in an attempt to figure out my possible pacing for the MR100. I'd like to say this was easy, but really it really felt harder than it should have. My heart rate peaked at about 131 at this pace which is about 75%. I would have preferred it say around 120 to 125. At the end of the run I ran a 7:30 mile which these days is fast for me. It was fun to run that pace again and reminds me I should be going to track and doing tempo work.

On to the weigh in! Being unable to chew or open my mouth to any large degree has had one really positive side effect. My weight has been dropping! I weighed in today at 177.5 which is 5lbs down on last week.

I know I know, crash dieting is not particularly good for you but I like the numbers and every pound lost is a pound I don't have to carry through 100 miles in two or so weeks. I'm going to continue the diet and see what more I can loose over the next week and a half before going back to a more sane and calorie rich diet as I load for the race.

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