Friday, October 31, 2008

Race Day Clothing

With slightly over a week to go before the race, the weather forecast is starting to firm up. The links to the right will take you directly to for the start and finish line forecasts.

Right now, they look like this:

9AM Start in Elk City: ~40, sunny, with a southerly breeze @ 10mph
3PM Somewhere in the middle: ~66, sunny, S wind @ 11mph
2AM At the finish: ~44, clear night sky, SSE wind @ 9mph

That's quite a range so while I know I will have to change my upper clothing through out the race, I've been trying to work out what to wear on my legs so that I don't have to change. Changing leggings is very time consuming as shoes have to come off and it can sometimes require some contortions that can be quite painful late in the game.

So, if the forecast holds as above I will probably go with a full length pair of shorts with compression liner. If it gets any colder then I'm looking at capri length tights.

Upper clothing will simply be layers likely starting with a t-shirt *over* a long sleeve so I can easily ditch the warming layer (the extra T) without having to disrobe completely.

During the night I'll add a half zip and wind breaking jacket of some sort.

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