Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wednesday Tempo Run

I wasn't sure what to do for my work out at the gym yesterday. I was waffling between hill work, pacing, and a tempo run so I asked Lisa. She suggested tempo work that looked something like this: warm up x 10m, fast x 1M, faster x 1M, really fast x 2M, then back to faster x 1M followed by a 10m warm down.

Somehow I got all of that confused and ended up with this: 10m @ 9:21 warm up, 1M at 7:30 pace, 1M at 7:00 pace, 1M at 6:30 pace, then 0.5M at 6:00 pace followed by a mixed cool down of 9:21 pace and some faster stuff just to reach calorie and distance goals.

Boy, running 6m pace after three miles at an average of 7m pace was tough! I'd hoped to go the full 6 minutes on that but couldn't do it. Three minutes was plenty!

Total workout: 940 calories, 6.5 miles, 50 minutes (I think).

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