Monday, November 3, 2008

Packing List

With just a few days to go before the race and just three full before we get on the plane, it's time to write up the packing list...


New long shorts with compression liner
Full Length Tights -- just in case
Long Sleeve and T Compression shirts
Long sleeve coolmax T
Short sleeve coolmax T
Half Zip top
Two pairs of thin socks
Two pairs of thick socks
Gaiters for dirt road sections
Winstopper Gloves
Mittens (37F near the finish!)
Wind jacket
Skull Cap
Visor and Cap
Arm warmers
Mistlite Pants


inov-8 f-lite 230's (primary shoe)
inov-8 roclite 305's (secondary shoe)
Crocs for post race lounging
inov-8 roclite 295's for traveling

Food & Fluids:

TJ's Orange Flavored Rooibos Tea
NUUN Tabs -- Kola if available, etc
SaltStick tabs (Primary electrolyte, about one an hour)
S! Caps (Secondary electrolyte if things are going south)
70% Dark Chocolate

Packs, Bags, Bottles, and Other Stuff:

Nathan hydration vest
Two UD bottles -- old style tops
Gel Flask
Get Mix Container
Two hand straps
Nathan bottle pack
Sandwich size baggies
Thermos (for the soup eaten on the run!)
Blister Kit/First Aid Kit
Tylenol and Ibuprofen
Reflective Vest
Spare Batteries
Sun Glasses
Body Glide
Sun tan lotion

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