Saturday, November 8, 2008

Re: About 1 Hour To Race Start

I'll be running myself in about an hour (not 100 miles). Thomas knows
most of the people I will be running with, so we will all be thinking
about him.
Lisa please tell Thomas good luck from-

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> Thomas slept pretty well but has been just ready to start the race
> since dinner last night. He's had a fairly good breakfast, has made
> up his gel and Roibos tea, arranged and re-arranged his accessories
> and treid to relax.
> I got back from a run 20 minutes before we were scheduled to leave
> for the race start. He practically bounded out of the door to go
> get his timing chip and weigh in. He is nervous. Mostly about how
> well his Achilles will hold up. And how much the recovery time off
> to heal it from GMR relay will impact his performance today.
> BTW: Carter's poison ivy is doing really well and he's enjoying
> Sponge Bob on the TV before we hit the road.
> Lisa
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