Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow. Lots of it!

This past weekend we had two snow storms that dumped 8 then 7 inches respectively on our driveway. Most of it was light and fluffy so the shoveling wasn't bad.

Most of it.

The 10% that wasn't was piled high at the end of our driveway by the plows on the street. This stuff can be like cement and it wasn't far off this weekend. My right hip and back have been killing me since this and even wiped out my long run on Sunday.

Back to it tomorrow with a gradually increasing hill run at 8:30 something pace on the treadmill I think.

Oh, no weigh in today since we were in Boston for the night seeing Lisa off for OR Winter Market. She left on a 6:45 am flight today and we've found it's much easier on the family if we all stay at one of the airport hotels the night before to say "goodbye" and make the wake up easier on Lisa.

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